Are you eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment?

The following criteria MUST be met for NHS treatment:

1. Referred by your dentist

2. Have a valid medical number

3. Dentally healthy - your dentist will check this before a referral is made

4. Have good oral hygiene and healthy diet

5. Teeth must score high enough on the IOTN scale - this is the scale used by the NHS to assess need for braces. It is NOT means tested and is solely based on the position of your teeth and how they bite together.


Points of note

1. If you have previously had braces under the NHS, even a removable/clip-in brace, you are unlikely to be allowed treatment a second time under the NHS.

2. Braces under the NHS are metal, visible braces or clip-in braces depending on which is needed. You will not be offered invisible braces.

3. Our waiting for an NHS consultation is currently 6 - 8 months. It is not possible to pay privately for an immediate consultation and then skip the NHS waiting list. If you chose to proceed with NHS treatment following a private consultation your name will be added back onto the NHS waiting list for treatment.